fur collarPhoto © A. Burchardt


a 30 minute play for radio

© A.N.Burchardt 2011

Paris under German occupation, 1942, two days after the wearing of the yellow star is imposed on all Jews in Paris.

The lives of Lara and Bina, the young daughters of a Jewish hairdresser in the Marais area of Paris change overnight.

Click here for play synopsis and first scenes

 Characters :-

–          The NARRATOR (the adult LARA)

–          LARA, aged 7

–          BINA, her sister, aged 11

–          Their MOTHER SARAH

–          Their FATHER MILO

 Also appearing:

 –          MONSIEUR KOWALSKI (Polish, hiding in the attic with his family)

–          MAYOUSHA KOWALSKI, aged 13

 A family living on the floor below :



    PAUL, aged 10 and

–    MARIANNE, aged 12

–          GERMAN SOLDIER on train

–          SOEUR MARIE, a nun

–          JEAN and MARCEL – fighters of the Resistance

–          LEON, Marseilles hairdresser

–          ESTHER, his daughter

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