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Provisional cover for Book 1: THE TIN SPOON (2020) followed by Book 2: THE TIN HEART (2020-2021)
Sisters Undergrowth big type ON JUNE 20th, 2016 the first of The Languedoc Trilogy, THE FOOL’S HOUSE, was presented at a book signing and illustrated talk to a full house at the Suffolk Anthology independent bookshop in Cheltenham.

***** Forthcoming book events:

  • 28th September 2016 – signing and illustrated talk at the Suffolk Anthology independent bookshop in Cheltenham of book 2 of The Languedoc Trilogy, SIMPLE POISON
  • 3rd October 2016 – signing and illustrated 1-hour talk in French of both novels at the Cercle Francais/Alliance Francaise, Cheltenham
  • At the 2016 Cheltenham Literature Festival – a short reading from both novels at the You Heard It Here First event



Since March I have been very busy sending sample chapters to agents. To be honest I have found it more difficult than writing a full length book. I have had some (totally unexpected) praise and good comments from them, but so far none have taken me on. There are of course always more that can be approached but for the moment I have to be patient and wait for a couple more replies. – Meanwhile the first draft of the second book in the trilogy is progressing quite quickly. Of course, when all that is done I start editing – some of my short stories have gone through umpteen revisions – so book 2 will not be completed until at least the end of this year. In the NOVELS section you can find a short synopsis of book 2.

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Landscape4NEW: My blog

Never say NON to a Frenchman

February 2013

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FEBRUARY 2013 – Making for Paradise Stateless in Vienna

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Siberia in Cheltenham

Siberia in Cheltenham 2013     © A.Burchardt

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