THE FOOL’S HOUSE reviewed on the YOUWRITEON site


Chapters 1-4    

* Great title; it grabs you and makes you want to read the book.

The opening of Chapter 1 is quite powerful and immediate. I think the strength of this is the pace at which you move the story along — there was never a moment when I had to force myself to keep reading.

*  You write with authority. Your work is in-depth, slow burning literature, but the characters and setting were strong enough to retain my interest ….
This is good work.

* …This deserves to be read by many.

* … I liked the poetic nature of the ‘dream sacrifice’. It was unusual and abstract.

* … The writing is very good, gripping and enjoyable to get one’s tongue around.

* … The descriptive text is very good and the characters show emotion and in some cases eccentricities that encourage the reader to keep reading…

The story does evoke vivid imagery and displays clear thought from the writer on what he/she is trying to achieve.

* … Some of the insights cast out to hook the reader are wonderful

* … I enjoyed the writing style. Many of the descriptions such as ‘gloom hugged the ceilings; it hung in the corners like damp and dirty drapes’ were very evocative and atmospheric. I also liked the sense of place, time and season.

* … Powerful imagery and alliteration abound e.g.. …The thought of a sunny day being eclipsed by Augusto’s pain is equally incisive. The plot develops strongly too with the image of a premonition which must be washed away rather than allow the protagonist’s sister to drown in the future. Later, with the introduction of Augusto and his melancholy, the heaviness of the novel continues. It is slightly sinister with the shared red hair of Lea and the girl in the black car. Romain, the simpleton is misunderstood and also projects fear.

There is a lot of thought and complex character development in this novel, which beckons to the reader, even with its last breath

* … Your descriptions of scenery are breathtaking. The character of Léa is well done. I also like the sense of menace. The story moves in a perfect line.

* …I am not a lover of descriptive writing. Having said that your description was effortless to read … I found your work seamless, it flowed easily, nothing felt forced or there for effect.

CHAPTER 6 (submitted in isolation)

* … The details of the work involved, both past and present, in looking after the kitchens and gardens of the two different houses were well-written and atmospheric.

* … Clearly there is a great talent for writing – especially for description with beautiful and expressive phrases and imagery. The dialogue, use of language, the characterisations and settings were really well done.


* … Thoughtful and moving. …

* … The whole paragraph about Nanette making pastry is beautiful.  I love the characters and suspect you have a fascinating story to tell.

* … I loved some of the detail especially the red onion tart, beautifully described, was mouth watering and I was more upset by its burning than by Romains disappearance. I also loved the reflection on the past with the poor slugs etc. and the recollection of the brother’s death. … All in all it has great promise, well worth the read and rewarding too, a rarity these days. Keep it up. I look forward to more!

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